Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. A little about me. I began writing in secret after falling in love with many of my favorite authors. Once caught, my husband made my dream of publishing come true. My first debut novel, His Secret, became too epic and turned into a trilogy of which made me an award-winning author. Debuting October 2017, The Secret Series was followed by Her Secret and Secret Enemy. The elusive and much flawed, Jonas Fairbanks stoled the hearts of women around the globe, knocking me into a world of romance and suspense. Sign up for my newsletter below and get the first book of The Secret Series free. 

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As a new author, I inspire to entertain my readers through the lives of my fictional characters, taking them places unimaginable. I love spending time weaving stories into masterful novels. When I’m not writing, you'll find me playing with my grandkids or romancing my husband. The mother of three amazing, grown men, I look back and wonder how I became so blessed. To keep up with my crazy, fun life, sign up and follow my blog, Books, Beaches, and Everythingish. Here, I might do just about anything, take you on vacation with me, share my recipes, let you know what I’m working on, and when I have freebies, books, or audios. signup for my blog here.  




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