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Dear Michael,

When we met, it was the summer of Shania Twain, Mocha Iced lipstick, motorcycle rides, and the summer I became a 17-year old mother. 

But then you left us. 

Now, you're back to walk our daughter down the aisle. And you want a second chance? 

I survived medical school. I survived raising our daughter alone. I survived never knowing what was better than us. I won't survive giving you a second chance. I'm no longer that lovesick 17-year old girl. 






Love, Michael

His Secret (book 1 in The Secret Series)


Welcome to the carnal world of…

His Secret

Young and innocent, Julia Ellis has no idea what awaits her at the manor, where she is to become the nanny for Mr. Jonas Fairbanks, a ruthless, yet devastatingly handsome entrepreneur. Julia’s only plan is to earn enough money to fund her studies of French cuisine in Paris.

Julia falls in love with
little Sidney, the ten-year-old daughter of Jonas, but can’t help noticing the peculiar way the townspeople talk of the little girl. An omen. The devil’s spawn.

Sidney will not be the only young girl groomed at the home of Mr. Fairbanks. What was taught as sinful, now, clouds her moral judgment of right and wrong. Julia fights with her innocence, giving into lust and a world all new to her. She loses all control when she can no longer deny her attraction to Jonas. But no matter how much she feels love for this man, hidden deep in the house, tell a different story of his past…And what he’s capable of.

Her Secret (book 2 in The Secret Series)



The truth is never as painful as discovering a lie.

It has been three months from that terrible day that ripped her heart out and trampled it to the ground. Devastated and heartbroken, Julia must find a way to move on with her life. But how? He gave her everything and took everything from her. Her first kiss. Her dream. Her light. Her soul. Her heart—all with His Secret—a double life.

A new life waits for Julia in Paris—and so does new love. Luke McCarthy finds Julia at an airport on the day she is leaving for Paris and starting her life over. He is everything that reminds her of Jonas, so much to the fact—it’s uncanny. “Ready to start your new life?”

Just before taking his arm and stepping onto that plane, the mystery surrounding Jonas is unveiled before her, while watching a live news press conference on the tv at the airport. However, Julia has a secret of her own now—and he is never going to find out.

Julia may have found a new life—but the past will always find you.

“I meant what I said. My focus is back to my previous interest. I will not stop until I have what I want, YOU.” a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font. Feel free to drag and drop me anywhere you like on your page. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Secret Enemy (book 3 in The Secret Series)

​Don’t play the victim to circumstances you created

Jonas and Julia have finally got it right. They are to marry in less than twenty-four hours. Their love and passion for one another have survived secrets, lies, and omissions. Now the parents of twins, life has connected them forever. Until now.

On the eve of their wedding, someone has taken their baby in the middle of the night. It could only be one person. Karma.

Jonas had his secrets. Julia had hers. Now, someone from the past has a secret. A secret enemy who knows more than anyone, the crime committed years ago.

Just when all was transparent, and all confessed, tribulation and malice scheme to tear them apart once more.

Love has many sides, and Jonas now must walk away from everything he ever wanted—Julia, Sidney, and his babies. It’s the right thing to do if he wants to keep them safe.

Secret Enemy is the last book in The Secret Series trilogy told in Jonas’s POV.

The Secret Series

The Complete trilogy
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Emmett Jackson is a high school drop-out and a rock star wannabe at twenty.

He has the looks, he has the sex appeal, and he also has enough groupies to totally notch-out his bedpost. That's his current problem. Poor choices and toxic decisions have splintered his dreams for the future just as the band is gaining momentum.

Stacie Coulter is from the wrong side of the tracks, but that doesn't stop her from fan-girling Emmett's band: Wasted. She is infatuated with Emmett, and mistakes a one-night stand as a declaration of love, and is determined to prove that to Emmett.

She continues to pursue, too immature to realize that things with a wannabe rock star often fizzle long before they sizzle. Right before Emmett is due to leave on tour with the band, Stacie drops a bombshell that will forever change his life. Everything he's dreamed of, and everything he's worked for is wasted. Now Emmett must make the toughest decision of his life.

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Andrea Smith, and AWARD WINNING AUTHOR Gina A. Jones bring you a compelling, heart-warming and panty-melting rock star and single daddy romance like no other!


A Bestselling Novelist’s book comes back to haunt her.

Kayleigh Carter is starting her life over above a coffee shop in downtown Manhattan. She is also the author of the hit thriller, My Legal Guardian, in which a “bad boy billionaire” plays Fifty Shades of Grey-style mind games on a female protagonist. She discovers the previous tenant, a young college girl, of her apartment went missing—the inspiration for her next thriller. However, someone doesn’t want her found and she soon attracts a psychopath. Someone is also one step ahead of her, leaving her messages signed, XXX. But the deeper Kayleigh delves into the missing girl’s disappearance, the more factors point to her own book.

A pointedly thrilling sequence of psychological revelations and an ending you’ll never see coming.

Joe Secrist was born with a rare condition called coloboma, which means that part of the one or more structures inside an unborn baby's eye does not fully develop during pregnancy. A coloboma occurs in about 1 in 10,000 births. He was not diagnosed until his early childhood and was considered the clumsy boy who crashed his bike.

This is Joe's story and his account of life during his years of abuse and neglect. Once sent away, his abuse continued at the Indiana School for the Blind. Joe has kept his silence until now. To come clean and tell his story of sexual abuse, struggle, and triumph, Joe wants his story to encourage others who have been failed by the system and to know their worth.

Once told he would never achieve his goals, Joe went on to become a blind skydiving, martial arts champion, driving, EMT, triathlon. Today, he uses his disability to help others achieve their goals and dreams.