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Gardening, Audiobooks, and Alfresco Dining.

My favorite time of year is here! Clap! Clap! In this blog post, I want to share my faves for Summer. Let's start with Alfresco eating.

Outdoor eating is one of the joys of summer. When the sun shines, what can be better than relaxing in the garden with family and friends. Placing the table close to the house has the advantage that it is not too far to transport the tableware, making it easier to create a stunning setting in an uncomplicated way.

Last year for Father's Day, I did this for my father, serving spaghetti and homemade garlic bread, as Italian music played in the background (he's a Dean Martin fan). My parents lived in a wooded area, which added to this occasion. And now, my father is hooked. It's pretty much a do-over every time I come. But now they've moved, and the only shaded place is under large pine trees next to the goats. I wasn't sure at first, but the goats were so sweet, laying there watching us, as we enjoyed them. They also liked Dad's Dean Martin music.

During all the Covid crisis last year, dining out was out. Not that we do much of it in the first place. But on my Mom's birthday, I usually took her out for lunch and cocktails. Last year, I set up a table in their wooded lot and we did cocktails with a charcuterie board full of cheeses, grapes, and bread. Having my mom all to myself as we sipped wine and chatted made the day more special.

Alfresco Dining. It's fun. It's romantic. It's beautiful. It's easy. It's cheap!

Now onto gardening.

Nothings says summer like fresh herbs. Especially if you grew them yourself. Here's a little secret. I love to work in my garden, because this is my audiobook time. Oh, yes! The novels I go through. Maybe that's why my garden is almost perfect. LOL. I'm thrilled that Nook Audiobooks included My Secret Series in their discount sale during "June is Audiobook Month." Check it out.

This means you can start my series with book 1 His Secret in audiobook for free! Books 2 and 3 are also discounted. Her Secret and Secret Enemy.

Sign up with Nook audiobooks and get 1st book free and enjoy all the discounts.

Me and Mr. Jones. We got a garden going on.

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