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Iced Coffee Saved me $1200

The old saying goes, 'coffee and authors go together.' And that saying is so true. But now with all the coffee shops closed, it's no longer an option to run down to my local Starbucks. So, I had to find a solution. And after doing the math, my solution saved me $1200. Let me explain.

Iced Coffee is my MO for my afternoon pick me up. Mostly when I lived in Florida for the winter. Yes, I had to learn to adapt to many things, when everything is closing. Thank you, Covid! Oh, I was about to explain my math problem--equation. So about that.

At $5 a cup, give or take, that's $25 a week. Making that $100 a month. Take that times 12 and that is $1200. And my algebra teacher said I'd never make it. And...she's probably right. Because that's just general math. Not algebra. Well, anyway X=coffee.

Now here's my recipe. Before going to bed each night, I set the coffee pot for 12 cups. *Rooster crows* "Hmm, do I smell coffee?" (I don't really have a rooster). After having a few cups, I pour the remaining coffee in a container and store in the fridge. TaDa!!! An endless supply of cold coffee. But that's not all I do.

Fill glass with ice

Pour in 1/8 cup of Torani flavored syrup. (I use sugar free vanilla)

Pour equal amounts of cold coffee and half n half milk

Top with whipped topping and sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg (optional)

Insert straw. Unless you live in Florida. They don't like straws. Something about a turtle. And I respect that.

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