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Open House by Katie Sise

A missing college student, ten years gone. A town still held in the grip of an unsolved mystery. Now, a private open house between friends will only deepen the plot.

The setting is told through the present day POV’s of Priya, a college professors’ wife, and Haley, a current med student who happens to be the sister of the missing girl, Emma. We then get Emma’s POV from ten years ago.

Ten years have past and Haley has stayed in contact with her sister’s college friends, Josie, Noah, and Chris, who were all there the night her sister disappeared. New evidence has surfaced and the friends are now questioning each other.

Haley is now engaged to a man named Dean, who becomes distraught over this new evidence. Then there’s Brad, Priya’s husband and Haley’s professor. Also, a close connection to Emma ten years earlier.

I give this story five stars. Everyone is suspicious and everyone could be guilty. The story keeps you guessing between the present day and Emma’s POV from ten years ago. I had my

suspicions, but clearly it was hard to decide. I love a book that keeps my attention and The Open House by Kate Sise did just that. Full of drama with realistic characters. Great read.

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