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Saving Ash (book #2) Chapter Thirty


The pet sits quietly at Bella’s feet with his head faced down. Of all the strange sex encounters I have been privy to these last few months; this one takes the cake. It only took five minutes. So, he’s either very good, or Bella is hyper-sexual. I would probably go with the latter.

            “Oh, that was just what I needed after the jet lag. Mind if I grab myself something stronger, like a bourbon before we start?”

            “No, not at all,” Sasha says. I’m still staring down at her pet. Was this how Pippa treated Ash?

            “Can I get you anything stronger, Sasha?”

            “No, I’m fine.” Sasha pours herself another glass of wine. After what I just witnessed, I grab the bottle from her before she can set it down.

            Bella comes walking, or should I say sashaying, back from her bar with a bourbon in hand. There’s more color in her face. Must be the post orgasm.

            “Okay, where shall we begin?” Bella asks.

            “Christmas,” Sasha says.

            “Yes. What ideas do you have for this place?”

            “Well, are you wanting traditional, modern, or a mix of both?”

            Bella takes a sip of her bourbon and then sighs. “Ah, I don’t really care. Christmas is not really my thing. But I promised my son a traditional Christmas in the states. For a young man, he sure is old fashioned. Must be that military school I have him in.”

            “You must be very proud,” Sasha compliments.

            “Oh, I am. Can’t believe he’s fifteen already. Just seems like yesterday when I brought him home from the hospital.”

            I’m trying to picture a pregnant Bella. Like did she pause during the pregnancy? Or, beat and whip men with a protruding belly? And did the men want a pregnant dominatrix? And furthermore, was it a planned pregnancy? Or did one of her pets accidentally knock her up?

            “He’ll only be here for a few weeks, so don’t feel you have to go overboard. Maybe just a few trees. Lights around the floor to ceiling windows. Maybe some of those gingerbread things in the kitchen.”

            Does her son know what she is?

            Sasha pulls out her portfolio and begins jotting down notes.

            “Do you want real trees, or artificial?”

            “Oh, please. None of those dirty trees in the place. Artificial for sure.”

            “Got it.” Sasha writes it down and then looks around the place. “And replace your art with Christmas themed prints?”

            Bella looks around. “Oh, yes. That would be a bit embarrassing.”

            You think? So, I take it that’s a ‘no,’ her son doesn’t know.

            “I’m seeing a city under a snowfall. Skating in the park. Lighting of the tree. Those traditional themes of New York. It will showcase its culture—tradition,” Sasha suggests while bumping her pen on her chin.

            “I like it,” Bella says.

            “Great. Those should be easy to obtain. I’ll contact one of the art studios in the city and put the order in. Do you have a budget? I will let them know.”

            Bella takes her hand and pets the man’s head. She looks up at Sasha with a smile. “No budget, darling. Just do the work for me.”

            “Great. And when will your son be in?”

            “In two days. Is this doable for you, Sasha dear?”

            “Very. I have decorators on speed dial. Not a problem.”

            “Wonderful. And, I need another favor, darling.”

            Sasha looks up from her note taking. “Yes?”

            “I need you to shop for me as well. I hate to shop. You know that.”

            “Yes, I do. Do you have a list?”

            “I don’t. But my handler does,” she says with a laugh and takes another sip of bourbon.

            “And this will be for your son I take it?”

            “It is. And buy yourself something nice, too.”

            Sasha and I look at each other.

            “You’re awfully quiet over there, sweetheart. Am I making you uncomfortable?” Bella addresses me.

            “Oh. No. I’ve…I’m in the lifestyle,” I say like I know nothing about it. I feel her eyes piercing right through me and into my soul.

            “Oh, come on my little sweetness. I can taste and smell your fear from here. My pussy is throbbing just from its essence.” Her smile slides across her face like a slithering snake. I look over at Sasha to help me out.

            “Bella, Cinder is very new to the lifestyle. Actually, I brought her because she was curious about the role of a dominatrix.”


            “Is that right, little one?”


            “Don’t be shy. I don’t bite. Well, actually I do,” she laughs and sips more bourbon. “So, little Cinder, by the way, that’s an interesting name. Would make for a great dominatrix name. Cinder,” she says like she’s trying on the word. “Has a sexy burn to it. Ask away. I promise I won’t hold back.”

            Slithering smile again.

            “Well, I was just curious, that’s all. My…boyfriend kind of has a…kink for it.”

            “A kink for it. Hmm. And you’ve played the role for him?”

            “Sort of. It was kind of an accident. Just sort of happened and I thought…”

            “You thought you’d like to master the art.”

            “Maybe. But not all the time. I do like his dominance as well. I guess we are making up the rules as we go along. See what works.”

            “I see. Well, I’d be happy to give you some training. I go all in. No man will ever top me. He will always be the bottom.”

            Top? Bottom? I’m sure I look confused.

            “Umm, those are words to describe a dom and submissive—top and bottom,” Sasha comes to my rescue.

            “Oh,” I say, nodding my head. “Well, as you can see, I am very new to this,” I say.

            “New is very exciting. Be careful exposing your intimidation. We smell and seek it out, like a wolf smelling its prey, sweetness. To get our hands on fresh meat is what makes our blood run with excitement. It’s like chasing that first high. You can never repeat it.”

            She’s looking at me like I’m about to be devoured. Is this woman even human?

            “Relax, sweetness. I will only be truthful with you. Welcome to our side. I am here to help.”

            Sasha reaches over and touches my hand, bringing me back to a normal world. Though I doubt it will ever happen in this place.

            “Yes, she is new. But curious.”

            “I see. Well, I do have something planned for my pet, if you’d like to observe. And I hope you do. You know it turns me on when others are watching.”

            Sasha looks at me, her eyebrows raised with the question if I do or don’t. My head gives her quick, short nods—up and down. There goes my curiosity, throwing me under the bus.

            “I guess we like to stay and observe,” Sasha tells her.

            “Smashing. And by the way, I’ll be observing, too. This one is for us ladies,” she says, and takes the last sip of her bourbon.

            “I’m going to grab me another while we wait. Would you like some?”

            Boy could I ever.

            “No thank you. I do have to drive home.”

            “Darling, I’d be happy to have my driver take you home, and I can have your car returned.”

            “The wine is fine. Thank you, Bella.”

            “Suit yourself, darling,” she says, and goes to pour herself more bourbon.

            The doorbell rings, and Bella looks over at us with a wicked smile. “It’s showtime. Sit back and feel free to get yourselves off if you like. I would much like to see that,” she says, looking at me with that last part.

            She saunters over to her chair, takes a seat, and begins petting the man’s head. “Someone is here to see you, my pet. Be a good boy and don’t let me down.”

            What the hell is going to happen?

            “Ms. Crain. Your guest has arrived.”

            “Thank you. Bring him in,” she says, and smiles over at us.

            “Yes, Ms. Crain.”

            He leaves the room, and I wait in anticipation. I just hope I can handle it. This is nothing like snooping through pornographic magazines back in the day. Or sneaking into an X-rated movie.

            A man walks into the room. “Bella, how are you, dear,” the man says. He’s a portly, balding man wearing a suit and looks greasy and sweating. A real sicko. He looks down at the man sitting on the floor at Bella’s feet.

            “Mr. Senator, we have a couple of voyeurs if you don’t mind. They’re safe. And so is your reputation.”

            Senator? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

            “Not at all, Bella. You know I like an audience.”

            “I thought you would,” she says, and stands to kiss him on the cheek. “He’s all yours. Very young and handsome, just how you like them.”

            “Yes,” he says, lusting after the man on the floor.

            “He’s still in training. So, he’s very fresh. I haven’t even fucked his ass yet. Thought I’d give you the pleasure.”

            “And it will be,” he says, breathing hard and rubbing his crotch.

            Bella comes over and takes a seat beside us on the red, leather couch. She crosses her legs, and then that smile slithers up her face.

            “Pet, you will obey to the senators’ commands.”

            Her pet looks up. There’s a look of uncertainty on his face. Can he RED out?

            The senator walks over and pets the man’s hair. His breathing has increased, and sweat is running down his fat face. He totally looks like a closet pervert getting ready to act out his fantasies. Except he gets to have them for real.

            “You are a pretty boy. But Bella tells me you’ve been a naughty boy. Mmm, look at those lips,” he says, unbuckling his pants. He pulls out his erect penis and strokes it in front of the man’s face. He then rubs it across his lips.

            “Open your mouth, pretty boy,” he breathes out.

            The man seems to be protesting a bit. He moves his head to the side.

            “BOY! Open that mouth,” he shouts.

            “Pet, you will obey the senator.”

            The man opens his mouth and takes the senator’s dick.

            “Oh, yes. Suck it.”

            We all watch as the senator begins fucking the man’s mouth, calling him little boy, bad boy, my boy—whatever his dirty mind comes up with. And all along, I’m telling myself that this man has signed up for this.

            “That’s it. Yes. Oh Bella, thank you. His mouth feels so warm. So young,” he says, his voice turned on.

            “Yes, he has an amazing tongue.”

            “Bend over the chair, my boy. I want in that ass.”

            The man begins to suck the senators dick harder and faster, hoping he will come.

            “Stop it and turn around,” he says, pulling his dick from the man’s mouth.

            The man slowly looks over at Bella. He doesn’t want to do it. Or is this just an act for the senator?

            He turns around, and next thing I know, the senator’s bare ass is standing right in front of us. He bends down and positions himself behind the man. He spanks his ass hard, and I watch the man jump.

            “I’m going to fuck you, my boy.”

            “No, please don’t, Daddy,” the man says.

            Daddy. They are role playing.

            The senator spits in his hand, and then massages it into the man’s hole. He jumps a little and then begins to move into it.

            “No. Please. I promise to be good.”

            More role play, and I’m starting to get turned on. I can feel the wetness between my legs. Is Sasha turned on? I look over at her. Her eyes are heavy and she’s breathing hard. She is.

            I look over at Bella who is watching me.

            “You like this, don’t you, sweetness?”

            She knows.

            “I can smell your arousal.” She leaves the spot beside Sasha and comes to sit next to me on the other side. “Keep watching.”

            I turn back to the scene in front of me. The senator is slowly pushing his dick into the man’s ass.

            “Ow. Please, Daddy,” he says.

            The senator pushes in all the way, and then begins moaning like a pig in heat. “Oh, yesssss. I’m going to fuck you, boy,” he says, rocking in and out of the man’s ass.

            I feel my pussy quiver, becoming wetter.

            “Here, let me help you, sweetness,” Bella says, unbuttoning my jeans. At first, I push her hand away. “Now now, I promise to make you feel good. I can tell you’re in need.” She tries again, and this time I let her.

            Her hand moves down my pants, her fingers massaging my wet pussy. “Nice. So wet. Here, let’s pull them down just a little more.”

            I lift myself up, allowing her to move my jeans down. Everything is exposed, and I lean back. Bella shoves her fingers inside me, curling her finger right where I need it. Her thumb circles my clit.

            “Ohh, God,” I breathe out

            “That’s it. Give Bella your sweetness. Let me taste it.”

            I watch the senator fuck the boy hard in the ass, as Bella pumps her fingers in and out of me. All three of us are moaning. I’m so fucking turned on.

            “You’re going to come for me, boy.” The senator moves his hand between the man’s legs and strokes his cock while fucking him in the ass.

            “Ahh, yes. Daddy, I’m going to come,” the man rushes out.

            The senator is breathing hard and falls over the man. I watch him jerk out his orgasm.

            “You want to come, Cinder?”

            “Yes,” I yell. I let her hand fuck me, as I rock into it. I can’t help it and I explode. Everything I have comes rushing out of me. I fall back against the couch slowly catching my breath.

            “You did well, little one,” Bella says, licking her hand.

            Oh, God. What did I do? Did I just cheat on Ash?


Saving Ash© 2024 Gina A. Jones rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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