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Saving Ash (book #2) Chapter Twenty-one

Ash…14 years old

Pippa is behaving differently today. I’m not sure what it means. When she looks at me, it’s like she has a secret, something she wants to tell me.

            Our dynamics have changed. When she teaches me piano, she only teaches me piano. Like she’s bored. I don’t like it. Only when Father is gone, she touches me, says things that make me hard. We are becoming closer. Yet, the closer we get, the further she feels sometimes, like when we’re altogether in a family setting. At dinner, she behaves like a mother, asking me questions about my day and if I would like to have a friend over. I don’t know what she means—a friend over. I have no friends. Pippa is my only conquest.

            Sometimes, I want to just shout it out, take her and fuck my fantasies out. But she’s not a fantasy. She’s real and she has done things to me, told me things, showed me things. She walks around naked when Father is gone. She says she likes it when I watch her. Yesterday, she let me eat her pussy before taking me to school. She tasted sweet and sinful. She tells me I make her so wet. No one has made her that wet before.


            I was finishing my breakfast when she came into the kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee. She turned around and gave me her wicked smile. It’s a smile I’ve come to recognize when I get to do something with her. She was naked. Father had left for the office. Pippa changed our housekeeper and cook’s hours. The housekeeper wasn’t to report until 12.00. The cook had to leave right after food was prepared. She told my father it was because she needed her space to meditate and relax in a world of silence. Father gave her whatever she wanted. I knew it was so she and I could be alone.

            Pippa walked over and stood above me; I could already smell her musk. It told me she was in need. I looked up at her, my eyes pleading.

            “Ash, I want you to move your plate away and please me with your mouth. Have you ever eaten a pussy?”

            “No, Pippa,” I said, quietly.

            “Do you want to eat my pussy?” she asked, her hands running through my hair like a mother fussing with her child’s hair.

            “I would love to taste you, Pippa. I think your pussy is beautiful.” I was becoming comfortable to tell her these things because when I said them, her breath would hitch, and I knew I turned her on. She liked those words coming from my lips.

            She set her coffee cup down and moved my plate away. She then sat upon the table and opened her legs in front of me. My eyes moved from hers, down to her center. She was wet. Wet for me, and I felt my cock twitch in my pants. Only up to now, she had let me watch her pleasure herself, and watch me stroke myself. Finally, she was letting me touch her in the most inappropriate way. My mouth began to water looking at her perfect, pink and smoothed pussy.

            “Put your face between my legs, Ash. Let me feel your tongue lap what I make for you. This is for you, Ash. No one else,” she said, her voice strained with emotion. I loved it when I turned her on.

            I moved in between her legs. Her arousal was heavy in my nostrils. My cock was aching as my tongue swirled around her soft folds. She arched her back and thrusted toward my face.

            “Oh, God, Ash, I’ve dreamed of feeling your tongue inside me. Taste me. Eat me. It’s all for you my sweet boy,” she breathed out.

            I stuck my tongue in farther, feeling the slickness inside her pussy. Her juices began running out of her, and I lapped up every drop. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, I only knew how wonderful she tasted. I began to suck at what she called her clit. She would play with it when she pleasured herself for me. Telling me all about the little bundle of nerves that can send a woman into ecstasy if you hit all the right spots. Not too hard with gentle strokes. She said she wanted to teach me how to be a great lover. How to pleasure a woman. But she was the only woman I wanted to please.

            “That’s it, Ash. Suck it. Stick your fingers in me. Pump them. That’s it.”

            I was following all her commands, as she fed me the essence of her pussy. She began to ride my face; it was slick and covered in her.

            “Put two fingers inside me, Ash. Feel it, the spot I told you about. The spot that feels like the veins of a walnut…ahh. Ahh, that’s it, my sweet boy, oh yes. Curl your fingers like you’re telling someone to come here,” she said in the sexy voice I loved.

            “I began to curl my fingers, suck her clit, and lick above it, the spot she called the hood. When I did this, she began to come undone. I was pleasuring her beyond what anyone could. I just knew it. I couldn’t picture my father doing this for her. I never heard those words come from their bedroom. I was giving her this pleasure.

            “Oh, God, Ash. I’m going to come in your mouth,” she screamed.

            I pumped, curled my fingers, licked, and sucked her clit, her juices exploded in my mouth so hard, I choked on them. But I didn’t care. It was all for me.

            She was breathing hard, her hand petting and massaging my head. I was in heaven.

            “Oh, Ash. That was so good. I’ve never come like that before. Your mouth is very talented,” she said as she slowly moved from the table and went to retrieve her coffee.

            My face was soaked, and my pants were wet. I had come while pleasuring her. I only hoped, one day she would suck me off, or let me be inside her.


            She’s watching me as I walk through the great room. I just returned from school. She flips her hair, and I can smell her shampoo. I smile at her, letting her know that whatever she wants to do, I’m all hers.

            “Ash, I’ve been thinking all day about something.”


            “I think it’s time I get to do something to you. I’ve seen your cock, and I want to taste it. I want to feel it in my mouth,” she says, rubbing down my chest and stopping at my waist.

            My eyes close with the thought. To have her lips on me, her mouth wrapped around my cock.

            “Would you like that, Ash?” she whispers in my ear.

            “Yes, Pippa,” I breathe out.

            “Good. I’ve created a place where all our dreams can come true. Go downstairs, take off your clothes, and sit in the chair I have waiting for you,” she purrs.

            She’s made a room just for us? She’s been here all day waiting for me to come home, just so she can suck my cock?

            I waste no time and rush down the stairs. It’s dark, but a low glow of red filters the room. I see the chair alone in the center. She put it there for me. For me!

            I’m in a frenzy ripping my clothes off. I know I should try and be sexy for her while removing my clothes. Maybe she will teach me.

            I take a seat in the chair, my heart beating out of my chest, my cock hard as a rock. I don’t dare touch it. It’s all for her. I almost come thinking how it will feel in her mouth.

            I focus on something else as I wait for her. I look around the place that is the basement. No one has ever spent any time down here. Father’s knees are bad with arthritis and can’t make the walk down the stairs. Even upstairs, I have the entire top floor due to his bad knees.

            The place is dark with only the red glow. I see a cabinet with a lock. I don’t know if it’s always been there, or new. Red, I see lots of red. A red, velvet duvet lies on the floor in the corner. Perhaps this is where Pippa meditates. I wonder why down here, when she can have the gardens, or the pool area. But that’s Pippa—exotic, special.

            My heart stirs when I hear the door up above shut, followed by the tapping of her heels coming down the stairs. Each tap becoming closer until I see her. I look up at her, and see the beauty that she is. Red glows around her like an aura. I see her wicked smile I’ve come to love.

            “Ash, you look perfect. You’re such a good boy. Are you excited?”

            “Yes, Pippa.”

            “Good. I want to please you,” she says, walking over to the cabinet with the lock. She pulls out the necklace she’s wearing around her neck from under her shirt. I see a key attached to it. She then unlocks the cabinet. It must be her cabinet. When was it delivered? Maybe it’s just for us.

            She opens it, and through the red glow, I see various things that look like instruments. Mostly black, leather, and silver. She pulls out a pair of handcuffs and then a black cloth. She walks over, leaving the cabinet open. It’s lined with red velvet. What is it?

            “Ash, in order for your cock to be sucked, I think it will be more exciting if I can handcuff your hands behind the chair. Will you let me?” Her voice is sincere. I could never deny her.

            “Of course, Pippa. I’m all yours,” I say.

            She casts that wicked smile and tosses my hair. “Good boy.”

            I put my hands behind the chair and feel the cold metal as she clamps them on. Then, she covers my eyes with a blindfold. That’s what the cloth was. I’m not sure I like this part, but I said I was all hers.

            “Ash, sex is more exotic when you can’t see what is about to be done to you. Let me teach you.”

            “Yes, Pippa.”

            “Look at you. You are turning me on so much, Ash. Just looking how beautiful you look, tied to a chair, all vulnerable.”

            “I want to please you, Pippa.”

            “Oh, you are,” she says.

            I hear her walking away. Please don’t let her leave me here.

            “Ash, I’m going to put on some music,” she says, and I hear a song begin. I’ve never heard it before. It sounds old. ‘Well no one told me about her the way she lied,’ go the lyrics. I hear her return, and wait in anticipation. A hand rubs my hard cock, and she’s right, it’s all the more erotic not knowing it was going to happen.

            “Look how nice and hard your cock is. It’s so beautiful, Ash,” she says, stroking it up and down. Then I feel her lips brush the tip. My cock jumps, and I moan.

            “Yes, Pippa. Yes,” I say between moans.

            “Mmm,” I hear her, knowing my cock is in her mouth. She’s sucking hard now, her hands working my cock as her mouth sucks. I want to thrust my hips up to her. I do, and suddenly feel a slap come down hard on my cock.

            “You don’t move, you hear me?”

            I still myself and apologize. “I’m sorry, Pippa. It feels so good.”

            “How did you like your cock being slapped? You liked it, didn’t you?”

            She’s right. It turned me on. Something sinful filled with delight. I’m so hard, and I know I will come in an instant when she goes down on me again. I’m waiting, and then there it is, the warm sensation of being swallowed into her gorgeous mouth. A channel for my cock to enjoy the bliss of her sin. She’s sucking harder, like she wants me to come now. I try not to, and do my best to hold back. She sucks harder, and I come. I call out her name as my seed fills her mouth.

            Then I hear her from behind me, laughing as the blindfold is ripped off.

            I look down at the mouth wrapped around my cock. Hunter. He begins to pull it out, but Pippa shoves her hand down onto his head.

            “Milk him dry, Hunter.”

            “No! Not Hunter,” I yell in disgust. “Not Hunter!” I want to break away, but I can’t. I rattle the handcuffs against the chair. Pippa laughs.

            “That’s it. Taste this young boy if you want money for your fix,” Pippa says. “This is not against you, Ash. You are innocent. I’m teaching Hunter a lesson. Show him how low he will go to get his next fix. See how disgusting he looks.”

            “Pippa, make him stop,” I plead.

            “That’s enough, Hunter,” she says, and lets go of his head. Hunter falls back on his ass, his hands wiping at his mouth. He looks totally disgusted with himself.

            Pippa walks over and throws some bills down at his feet. “Go. You disgust me. Go get your fix,” she says.

            Hunter gathers up the money thrown at him and begins to stand.

            “No, Hunter. You will crawl out of here,” she demands.

            I watch Hunter crawl across the floor, money fisted in his hands, and somehow, I feel sorry for him. It takes him a while to make it to the top. He reaches up from his knees and opens the door. I watch his feet step out as the door closes.

            I look over at Pippa, not knowing what to think. She says nothing and puts the blindfold back on me. I then see flashes through the dark material. She’s taking pictures of me. Why?

            “Ash, I’m sorry I had to do this. But Hunter needs to be taught a lesson. You still look beautiful. I want to remember you always like this—at my submission.”

            I’m numb. I focus on the last chorus of the song. Pippa flashes the camera around me.

            Well let me tell you ’bout the way she looked

            The way she’d act and the color of her hair.

            Her voice was soft and cool

            Her eyes were clear and bright

            But she’s not there.


Saving Ash© 2024 Gina A. Jones rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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shannon Cheripka
May 29
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Oh wow! Another layer to the story!

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