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Saving Ash (book #2) Chapter Twenty-three

Ash…15 years old

I hear them fighting again. Pippa has been with us for a year now. We have a bond. I’m her slave. That’s what she calls me. I don’t mind because she makes me feel good… In bad ways. The sex we have is all I know. I crave it. I crave her. She lets me pleasure her after I’ve been punished. I don’t understand why it turns me on. But it does.

            I like it when they fight. Most kids wouldn’t. But I’m no longer a kid. Today I turned fifteen. I like it when they fight because that’s when I get to comfort her. It makes me feel like a man. She lets me hold her. Caress her in places she likes to be touched. She says I’m good at it. Better than Father.

            We have done many things. But it. I’ve never been inside her. I so badly want to be inside her. I wonder if I’m still considered a virgin, since I’ve never been inside a woman. But I know how to pleasure one. Pippa is the only woman I ever want to pleasure.

            It doesn’t bother me that I can’t brag to my friends. And that’s because…well, I don’t have any.

            Tonight, I hear them arguing about something that happened at one of Father’s charity events. I walk closer to the door so I can hear them.

            “Don’t think I didn’t see what you were trying to do,” my father says.

            “I have no idea what you are talking about. In fact, I was bored. You should be happy I talk to anyone. Your people are stuffy and have no personality,” Pippa yells at my father.

            “They’re cultured.”

            “Is that what you call it? Cultured? I call them boring.”

            “Well you sure as hell didn’t look bored with my CFO tonight. You all but fucked him with your eyes. What’s the matter, Pippa, am I getting too old for you?”

            I don’t hear her answer. Of course she thinks he’s too old. He is too old. But the thought of Pippa having eyes on another man burns me up. I’m her man. I’m what she needs. I please her.

            “Go to hell, Malcom,” she says.

            “Remember where your bread is buttered, sweetheart. I pulled you from the gutter. I can take you back there, too.”

            I hear Pippa spit on him. Gutter? Pippa’s never discussed her previous life with me. She didn’t go down the path Hunter did. She’s talented. Taught herself piano and then taught me. He shouldn’t talk that way about her. She will need me to comfort her. My heart fills with hope that she will come to my room tonight after father falls asleep.

            “Where are you going?” she asks Father.

            “Think I’ll stay at the club house tonight. I’m not in the mood to listen to your shit.”

            “What’s the matter? Another headache, Malcom?”

            Father says nothing, and I hear the front door slam. Minutes later, I hear his Mercedes peel out of the driveway.

            I rush back to my room and lay on my bed. Please. Please let her come to me.

            I wait in the dark, the moon spills a beam of light through the window, casting across the room. I see her silhouette standing in the open doorframe. My heart flutters in a million pieces.

            I stand and go to her, and then assume the position on bended knees. Her hand caresses my hair.

            Yes. She wants me.

            “Ash,” she says my name like a dove. “I’m sad.”

            “I’m sorry, Pippa. Can I make it better?”

            She’s quiet for a minute. She’s thinking.

            “Did you have a nice birthday? All by yourself, tonight? It was terrible of your father to plan a charity event on your birthday,” she says, moving her fingers through my hair.

            “It’s okay, Pippa. I’ve been alone for many birthdays.”

            “It’s not okay, Ash. I tried to tell him that.”

            “You did?” I ask, looking up and seeing her angelic silhouette.

            “Of course, I did.”

            “I’m sorry he hurts you so, Pippa.”

            “I know you are,” she says. “Ash, I want to give you something special for your birthday. I was going to give it to your father. But you deserve it more.”

            I swallow, and then look into her eyes. There’s so much behind them. A mystery that is endless.

            “A baby, Ash. I want and need a baby. I had your father’s sperm tested. He has slow swimmers. I need an anchor to this family. Only you can give me this, Ash.”


            “That’s right, Ash. I need you inside me, tonight. It has to be tonight. I’m ovulating. Ready to procreate. The baby will come out looking just like you and your father. He will never suspect a thing. He doesn’t even know I had his sperm tested.”

            “You can have me now, Ash. For your birthday, I’m letting you inside me. I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me.”

            My cock thickens, and my heart is racing. Finally, I get to be inside her like a man. Give her the baby she so desperately wants.

            “Yes, Pippa. Anything for you.”

            She pulls up her dress, her bare, smooth pussy is inches from my lips.

            “Kiss me, Ash.”

            My lips gently go to her center. I smell and taste her need for me. I slip my tongue around her folds, and I feel her buck.

            “Oh, Ash. I need you. I’ve been dying to feel you inside me. It’s time. I’m not taking you to the bad room. Tonight is a special night.”

            “Yes, Pippa.”

            She walks away from me, and I watch her pull off her dress. She’s totally naked. The moonlight spills light across her beauty. She lays down on my bed and gives me her most seductive look. It’s full of sexual lullabies and secrets only for us.

            “Walk to me, Ash. Let me see the man you have become.”

            I stand from my kneeling position and slowly walk towards her. I want to do this right. Save it for her, and not lose it in my pants, or hand. She needs me.

            “Take off your clothes and let me look at your young, hard body, Ash.”

            I pull off my shirt and then unfasten my pants. My cock jumps free. Pippa’s breath hitches. I smile, knowing she sees it and wants it.

            I pull down my pants and remove them to the floor. She holds her hand out to me. “Come, Ash. Come be inside me,” she whispers.

            I lay over her, like a man. I’m not between her legs, or tied to a chair, or watching her fuck herself with toys. I’m on top of her.

            “Shove it inside me, Ash. You must because I know how fast you lose it,” she says.

            She’s right. I have no control when it comes to her. And even though I want to savor this moment, take her slow and build up, I will lose it before I can give her my seed.

            I position my cock at her wet center and begin to push. She grabs my ass and shoves me deep inside her. All the air goes rushing out of me. I’m inside her. My head feels lightheaded and my insides tingle beyond normal. She feels so good, warm and tight. Wet.

            “Oh, yes, Ash. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you’ve been dying to.”

            “Oh, Pippa,” I say between breaths. “Yes, you feel like a goddess.”

            I thrust in and out of her on instinct. I’m surprised my body knows what to do. Everything feels amazing. I feel I’m on drugs and never want to come down. And if this is what drugs feel like, then I understand Hunter’s addiction.

            But I don’t want to think about Hunter. I want to think about us—Pippa and me, and what we are creating. A bond between us that will never be undone.

            I’m screaming her name. Moaning words I don’t understand and then suddenly I’m kissing her mouth, hard. She’s kissing me back. Her hands dig into my back, her nails leaving trails of ecstasy behind them.

            “That’s it, Ash. Your cock is so hard, so deep…”

            “It’s for you, Pippa. For you,” I say.

            She yells my name and pulls my hair. “You’re making me come, Ash. This is it. Come inside me.”

            I lose it and feel warm shoots of liquid release with fire. It has never felt this amazing. I push deep inside her, making sure she gets every drop.

            I’m out of breath and milk myself empty into her. We lie quietly on the bed. She rubs my back softly, telling me what an amazing man I am. It makes me proud.

            “Thank you, Ash. Thank you for being the only one I can trust,” she whispers in the dark.

            “You can always trust me, Pippa.”

            “I know I can. Hush now. Let’s sleep while our baby is creating inside me. Your father is gone for the night. It’s just you and me. And soon, our secret baby.”




They’re fighting again. It’s been six weeks since their last fight. Six weeks since I was inside her. I hope the fight escalates and Father leaves. I need Pippa in my bed again. She’s only let me taste her. And last week, she spanked me while I jacked myself off. She loves to do that, and for some reason, I come so hard when she spanks me.

            She gave me another treat. It was all different, and at first, I didn’t think I would like it. But everything she does feels good. She put something inside me while I stroked myself. It was a plug and at first it hurt. She likes it when it hurts me.


            “Does it hurt, Ash?”

            “Yes, Pippa,” I groaned as she shoved it in.

            “You’re my slave and you will take it,” she said and then spanked me with a paddle.

            “Yes,” I said, letting the sensation of pain turn to pleasure.

            “Now, stroke yourself.”

            I began stroking my cock. It was already hard. The fullness in my ass added more pleasure. With each whack of the paddle, my insides grew higher with desire until I was in a place of euphoria. I lost all sense of sound and let the pleasure engulf me.

            “Listen to me, Ash. You’re a bad boy. Bad boys get paddled. Do you like getting paddled?”

            “Yes, Pippa,” I said, only responding to the sound of her voice.

            “And they get fucked in the ass. You like that, don’t you?” she asked, pushing the plug deeper.

            “Yes,” I moaned.

            The pain, the pleasure, the excitement she gave me. This is what she did, she took me into her world of sins and secrets, and each time she did, I fell deeper and deeper into her rabbit hole. Filled with the glory of her demented torture, I lost all sense of what was real. What was wrong or right. My pleasure swirled on a canvas of sex. Her canvas. Her art of desire. No matter what she did, I was addicted, and I began to fear what would happen if she stopped.

            “Stroke it, Ash. Make yourself come for me. Show me what a bad boy you are.”

            My body bucked and contorted in pain and pleasure as my hand filled with liquid sin.

            “That’s it, bad boy. Taste your sin,” she said and shoved my hand to my mouth. I stood there, not sure if I wanted to.

            “If you taste it, I’ll clean your dirty cock with my mouth. But first, I need to see you clean your hand.”

            That sent me into another wave of excitement, and I lapped and licked my hand clean. She watched in amazement.

            “That’s it, Ash. Taste it.”

            I finished cleaning my hand and waited for her to come through. Would she? I wanted to feel my cock in her mouth.

            “Go lay on the bed, and I will clean you.”

            My eyes never left hers as I slowly moved from the floor and went to lay on the bed. She walked over and took my cock in her hand. I watched as she bent down and brushed her lips on my cock. I could feel the stings from the paddle, the plug still tight inside me.

            “I owe this cock so much,” she said, right before opening her mouth and taking it inside. My eyes fell back into my head. Another wave of glorious pleasure came and pulled me down the hole once again.

            She did it. She swirled her tongue and sucked my still hard cock. I knew I would come again. Would she want it?

            She made moans of pleasure, and I let myself go. It wasn’t much, but I came again inside her mouth. She began sucking me harder, wanting more of what little I had.

            “Oh, Ash. Your seed tastes so good. It’s no wonder…”

            She went down on me again and took the rest of what I had. When she was finished, she wiped her mouth and gave me her wicked smile.

            “Thank you, Ash,” she said, right before she left the room.


            The fighting has stopped, and Father is apologizing. He’s telling her how much he loves her. No! He needs to leave. I need her in my bed tonight.

            I walk out of my room and slowly descend the stairs. Father is holding Pippa. They are kissing. Anger is ripping my insides to shreds. I must stop it.

            “Is everything alright?” I ask. They break apart, and I stare at Pippa, letting her know I’m here for her. She smiles at me.

            “Ash, everything is wonderful. Your mother just told me she’s pregnant,” he says with all the pride of an expecting father.

            “Isn’t that wonderful, Ash?” Pippa says, looking right through my soul.

            I open my mouth to form the words. But what words do I say. It’s not his baby. It’s mine. Mine and Pippa’s baby.

            Pippa’s finger comes to her lips, and I fade into the wall. “Yes, that’s…wonderful.”


Saving Ash© 2024 Gina A. Jones rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Wow!! Pippa is something else. She is a taker and she will bleed ash dry.

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