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Unveiling the Mystery: What to Expect in "Saving Ash" - Book #2 of the Ash Sinclair Series

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In a world where love is forbidden and secrets lurk in the shadows, the tale of Cinder and Ash unfolds with an enchanting allure. Ash, a mysterious and brooding figure, carries the weight of his troubled past on his shoulders. Haunted by demons that threaten to consume him, he lives a solitary existence, always craving something more.

Cinder, a radiant and spirited soul whose heart burns with an inner fire. From the moment their eyes meet, a magnetic connection sparks between them, impossible to ignore. Like a moth irresistibly drawn to a flame, Ash finds himself captivated by Cinder's essence – her strength, her vulnerability, and her unwavering belief in love.

As Cinder's infectious optimism breathes life into Ash's dark world, he begins to believe in second chances - for himself and for love. Together, they defy fate's cruel hand and embrace the power of resilience and hope.

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angie jones
Jan 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Can't wait to read more !!!!

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