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When You Feel It

When You Feel It might well be the hottest debut book of 2019! From slave and master to dominant and submissive, Kelanie Black’s debut erotica compilation will take you to new depths. Delve into the world of BDSM with a twist - each story focuses more on the emotions involved than power and control. Each story is short, making it a great listen during your lunch break. 

But be warned: This is not something you want your boss to find you listening to!

made for me cover.jpg

Made For Me

I’m a tattoo artist. I look at bodies every day. But there is something about Lexi that just does it for me. She’s perfect for me. Plump, primed and innocent.
Lexi just canceled her wedding when she found out her fiancé is cheating on her and he thinks she is too big.
Obviously, this is my lucky day. I found heaven in the arms of Lexi and I don’t plan on letting her go. As a matter of fact, I’m making it my own personal mission to make her bigger (with my baby in her belly).
When her ex-fiancé shows up wanting her back; I protect what’s mine. Because let’s face it; she was made for me.

A short story romance with an alpha older male, a younger BBW, and HEA.

This is a standalone novella in the Get Inked Bad Boys Romance Series.

Love, Michael

gina a__png.png

Dear Michael,

When we met, it was the summer of Shania Twain, Mocha Iced lipstick, motorcycle rides, and the summer I became a 17-year old mother. 

But then you left us. 

Now, you're back to walk our daughter down the aisle. And you want a second chance? 

I survived medical school. I survived raising our daughter alone. I survived never knowing what was better than us. I won't survive giving you a second chance. I'm no longer that lovesick 17-year old girl. 


Narrated by Brooke Chambers

all I have to give.jpg

All I Have To Give

Kennedy, a spoiled little brat, just got into Yale University! But, her history teacher, Mr. Troy, the alpha male responsible for getting her in, suddenly crushes her when he tells her she's not good enough. Only, Kennedy, doesn't know that her teacher has a secret he's hiding from her that will change everything!

please daddy Hayden Ash.jpg

Please, Daddy?

I think about Christian. And, I think about the time that we met - when I showed up at his front door with nothing but a huge duffle bag over my narrow shoulder, about to tip over because it was so heavy. And, I remember his eyes, such a deep blue, and such a contrast to his fierce, black hair. He towered me over that day and looked down at me - already protecting me with his mere presence. 

And, I recall feeling so weak in the knees, because here was this guy who looks like one of those Ancient sculptures of a Greek God, smelling incredible, and a smile that’s just so ravishing that I felt like I might faint. He grabbed my hip. He held it powerfully in his tremendous grip and never broke eye contact with me. Then, out of nervousness, I took his hand off of me, and I’ve regretted it every minute of every day since then.


When alpha male Mr. Sorrentino travels to Russia for business, he finds that the powerful Russian billionaire whom he's supposed to charm has a daughter Vanya, a spoiled little brat who's more dangerous than she appears. 

Now, he'll have to choose between lust and life, as Vanya's stepfather is capable of going to very extreme lengths to protect his stepdaughter's supposed innocence.

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