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He was my brother's best friend and my secret lover. 

Everything changed when I became pregnant. 


Now he's back to walk our daughter down the aisle. 

And a second chance

USA Today Bestselling Author Andrea Smith

"This is one of those books you savor; meaning while you read/listen, you don't want it to end so soon so you read/listen in bits and pieces to absorb the story, invest in it, and like a fine wine - you don't gulp it down, you sip and savor and wish the glass doesn't go empty."

Dear Michael,

When we met, it was the summer of Shania Twain, Mocha Iced lipstick, motorcycle rides, and the summer I became a 17-year old mother. But then you left us. Now, you're back to walk our daughter down the aisle. And you want a second chance? I survived medical school. I survived to raise our daughter alone. I survived never knowing what was better than us. I won't survive to give you a second chance. I'm no longer that lovesick 17-year old girl.


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