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sinfully sexy
My life became perfect the day I died.png
dramatically dark
Not since the beautiful and intimidating Christain Grey comes the shattered and enigmatic Ash Sinclair.
His colors are many, his passion is particular. Control.
He's dark. He's indescribable and only one woman can reach him. Cinder McIntire.

When Cinder McIntire finds herself without a home or family, her social worker introduces her to a captivating new world. It’s dark. It’s dangerous and hearts are not to be involved.

At the age of nineteen, Cinder has aged out of the system and needs to complete her senior year of high school. She has two choices. Live on the streets of New York. Or, become the property of Ash Sinclair.

Ash Sinclair is a mountain hidden behind many colors. The reasons for his hard exterior and need to process and control are locked behind a wall of demons.

When Cinder and Ash embark on an alternative relationship, both will discover painful memories that never die. A passion only they understand. And how their dark desires will join them together as one.

This story is not for all readers. Explicit and dark sex scenes. Please do not read if you have trigger issues.

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