I wasn’t the child they bragged about. The child who got the good grades. The child who made Dad proud at the ball diamond. I was the child who ate in the basement.  

A story of regrets and second chances


Three things I never knew about my husband. One, if he ever loved me. Two, that he would leave me. And three, that he would return in twenty years. When we met, it was the summer of Shania Twain, dancing and motorcycle rides, my first love, and the summer I became a seventeen-year-old mother and wife to Michael Danforth. At seventeen, all I could see was us. And all he could see were obstacles. We were something he never wanted, a stick that side railed his dreams of success, freedom, and living life in the Peter Pan syndrome. All I wanted was his love and to be a good wife and mother. But time had taught me that wanting love and romance was distasteful and a waste. Because now he's back and wants a second chance. He was only to walk his daughter down the aisle...and leave. I'm no longer the girl he remembers. I'm now the woman he didn't want.And time has changed me.

A story of regrets and second chances and the willingness to give love one more chance. Based on real-life events of the author's life.

This is a wonderful book about past and present. It made me laugh, cry, cringe and everything in between. The fact that it's based on Gina's life makes it that much more touching to read.
Get this book. Listen to her tell her story.

Audiobook Obsession


Gina takes you on such an emotional rollercoaster throughout the book and gives you all the feels. 

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