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Sorry to have post then ghost.

I know I've been quiet lately and I hope you will forgive me . New post for Saving Ash will be starting again tomorrow. Today, I wrote the epilogue and cried. *Tissue please*

In other writing news, Love Michael, my favorite and bestseller has been picked up by Black Rose Writing. A new edition will release next year. Also, two more books are in the works for the series. It's bittersweet. It was so hard to delist the most favorite book I ever wrote. But I also get to go back and revisit a setting, characters, and a story I felt the most engaged in.

I'm in Florida for another month, enjoying all the sunshine I can get before going back home to Indiana. Can't wait to see the grandkids.

I hope you stay with me on this Ash Sinclair ride and share your thoughts and gifs with me. It's like having a secret club.

Be looking for your next chapter tomorrow in book #2 Saving Ash.


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Apr 03
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