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The Colors of Ash-Chapter Ten

I feel that the stranger is gone and remove the blindfold. I’m lying in the middle of a large, puffy, round pillow. It looks like a fancy dog bed, only bigger. The room is elegant, with dark furniture with more dark velvet. I glance down at my attire—a thick, fluffy robe.

My body is still lax from the pleasure play, and my center is still wet. I get up and go look for the en suite, as he so-called it. I assume that’s a bathroom.

I find it, and once again I’m amazed at its size and beauty—black and white marble, in-ground tub, and separate three-man shower. Everything you need to shower or bathe has been provided. I feel like a princess.

Dropping the robe to the floor, I step into the shower and turn on one of the many faucets. Even the water feels elegant if that’s possible. All my life, I’ve been used to hard, sulfur water—taste and smell. This water feels like a natural spring, soft and clean smelling.

I find the soap dispenser and pump some into my hand. Lathering it onto my wet body, lavender invades my nostrils, calming my after-sexed body. I lather my entire body and slowly massage my sensitive center. I feel a smile curving up my lips, as I touch the area where two strangers feasted on my juices. Just thinking about it, I begin to tingle inside. I can’t believe I’m building up again. Or maybe, I haven’t come down.

With the soapy lather, I begin to circle my clit with the soft suds. I’m so filled with sexual desires, that I can’t resist assaulting my clit until I come, right there in a stranger’s shower. My body bends and contorts with need, as I ride out the waves of my orgasm.

Now standing under the warm spray, I rinse away all the lather and sex and then step out onto the marble floor. The mirror is covered in steam, so I wipe it with my hand and look long at myself. I look—different. I look—happy, satisfied, cherished.

Cherished. Exactly what Sasha said I would be. However, I’m not collared or taken as someone’s submissive, yet.

I pull the robe back on, and walk out of the en suite, finding my baby doll nightie neatly folded on the bed. Who put this here? They weren’t here before I left to go shower. Was I being watched? Perhaps, Sasha brought them in. Or, the mistress who gave me to the men.

Then I think about the stranger who carried me in here. The feel of his body pressed into mine as I lay in his arms. His scent—sandalwood and oak. His voice as he spoke. The comment that I would never be touched again by strangers. What did he mean by that? Was being pleasured on a table a one-time thing? Something for beginners. And next, you’re expected to take on roles?

Everything about this lifestyle intrigues me. Tonight, was just a small step. I want to take a giant leap into this world. Explore places inside me I didn’t know existed.

I dress back into the nightie and drape the robe across the velvet settee. I was told to stay here until Sasha comes and gets me, and decide to explore the large room.

Pulling out drawers from the large chest, I’m expecting to find clothes belonging to someone. Instead, I find a cache of sex toys. So many different gadgets and some look torturous. Plugs of varies sizes. Anal? Some are latex, and some are silver. Vibrators, strap-ons, clamps, whips, and crops. And then I find a small, velvet box. I’m curious and pull it out. I look behind me, just in case someone has entered and I didn’t hear them.

Opening the velvet box, I find two silver balls. Most of this stuff I’ve heard of. But I have no idea what these are. I pick one up and find them to be quite heavy, observing them in my hand. Where do they go?

I hear someone coming down the hall outside the door and quickly move to put the silver ball back into its box. It drops to the floor and rolls under the bed. Crap! Now on my hands and knees, I crawl under the bed and look for it. I see it and stretch my arm out to reach it. I can barely grasp it with my fingers. “Come on. Come on,” I whisper. I have it!

Carefully, and quickly, I place the ball back into its box and return to the drawer, closing it right before the door opens.

Sasha! Thank God!

“Hey, Sasha.”

“What were you doing?” She’s giving me the ole social worker attitude now. Instead of friends at a sex party.

“I…I was just exploring around. Is that not allowed.”

“You are not to touch Master’s things. Not without permission. Even if he isn’t your Master.”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. You’re not going to tell him, are you?”

“Cinder, I have too.”

“So many rules for people who just want to have fun. That’s the part I don’t understand.”

She looks at me differently here in this place. Everything about her seems…obscured. She has a separate side about her when she’s with him—her master. How much will I need to learn to fit in? I can tell, there’s more about her I don’t know.

“Will I get you in trouble?”

“It depends on what Master wants to do about it. He might punish me.”

“Well, I’m sorry. I was just curious.”

She looks over at the drawer where all of the toys are and then back to me. “I know. But privacy for your master is of most importance. When it comes to you, you have no privacy from him. You belong to him. You are not allowed to hide or keep secrets.”

“Wow, this is some deep stuff.”

“Once you learn the rules, Cinder, you’ll find how it makes your life simpler. All the decisions are left to your master.” She walks over and smiles, her hands coming to caress my cheek. “It will all come together for you. Don’t worry. Did you enjoy your birthday present?”

Suddenly shy, my eyes move to the floor before responding. “Yes, I found it absolutely incredible. I never knew I could feel that turned on.”

“I know. There’s so much more for you to enjoy,” she says, giving me a sweet smile. “It’s time to go. Master has the limo waiting.”

* * *

Stretching to the warmth of the sun shining on my face, I open my eyes to a new day. It’s Sunday. I’m still in my bed, feeling completely happy about my choice to join Sasha’s lifestyle. We didn’t talk much last night after we came home, other than how much I enjoyed it. Sasha was told to go straight to bed—per her master. I hope I don’t get a master who dictates my bedtime.

Flipping the covers off, I get out of bed and slip into my pajama bottoms and tank top. Last night, I slept in the nude. My body was still sensitive.

Walking out of the bedroom, Sasha is sipping on some of her herbal tea. I sure miss my coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was probably twelve.

“Well, it looks like your birthday continues,” she says, pointing to a box on the table next to the door.

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know. It arrived by private courier this morning with your name on it,” she says with a smile, taking a bite of her fake toast. I think it’s made from birdseed or something.

The box is wrapped in pink shiny paper, a white ribbon is tied around it. I walk over and inspect it. My name is hand written on the card attached. Hand written! Who would have sent me something? My mother doesn’t even know where I’m at. Plus, she wouldn’t remember my birthday if she had too.

“Go ahead, I’m dying to see who sent it and what it is,” Sasha begs.

I pick it up and naturally shake it. I feel the contents move. It feels like clothes. The box is shaped like a clothing box. First, I pull out the envelope that’s tucked between the box and the white ribbon. I trace my name that has been hand written.


My fingers slide open the envelope, and I pull out the card. The card is solid pink, a note has been written inside.


At five o’clock, a car will be here to pick you up. Inside this box are the garments you are to wear. If you choose to accept this invitation, I will discuss your training as my submissive. If you decline, all future interest you may have will be null and void. No other arrangement will be made from here on.


The note has a cold tone to it. For such a pretty box, I guess I was expecting something a bit more with warmth to it. But it was direct and to the point. And, my choice. And who is A?

Tearing off the pink wrapping, I open the box. Inside is a little black dress, black thong panties, black heels, and…a black blindfold. A note is pinned to the blindfold.

You are to bring this with you. Once you are inside the car, you will put this on. Never does it come off. You will have a guide, instructing you where to go.

I hold the strap of the blindfold between my fingers. It brings back all the memorable pleasure from last night. I’m finally going to meet my dom. The man who will master me.

The man I will serve.


The Colors of Ash © 2024 Gina A. Jones rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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